Forrest Aguirre


Forrest Aguirre lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife, Natalie and four children. His work has appeared or will appear online and in print in DeathGrip, Demensions, SteelCaves, Pegasus Online, Twilight Showcase, Flesh & Blood, Indigenous Fiction, The Earwig Flesh Factory, Redsine, Dark Planet, The Regurgitated Spork, Roadworks and Eraserhead Press’s Strangewood Tales anthology. His desperate, unattainable goal is to catch up with Des Lewis's publishing record. Forrest has a BA in Humanities from Brigham Young University and an MA in African History from the University of Wisconsin. The uselessness of his education is shown in his employment: he is the inventory manager at Rutabaga, the world's largest canoe and kayak shop. Forrest is Co-Editor for the Ministry of Whimsy's Leviathan 3 anthology.