Jessica Treat


Jessica Treat is the author of two books of stories, A Robber in the House (Coffee House Press, 1993) and Not a Chance: stories and a novella (Fiction Collective Two, 2000). She is the recent recipient of an Artist Fellowship Award in Fiction from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts (2001). Her stories, prose poems and essays have appeared in various journals and anthologies, among them: Ms., Black Warrior Review, Epoch, American Literary Review, Quarterly West, 3rd Bed, Green Mountains Review, Writing Women (UK), and Unhinged (UK). Her story, "His Sweater" won the Dominion Review Fiction Award in 1996, while another, "The Women of Nijar," was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 1992. After years (well, four) in Mexico City and even more in Brooklyn, New York , she finds herself living in a small town in Northwestern Connecticut.