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Published Works

Read a science fiction story of mine Longoids Don't Hang Around Old Folks' Homes Too Often,
or a horror story A Trip To The Movies.

Short Stories Available In Ezines

The Ring, Nuketown
The Tub, Dark Moon Rising
Elvis Has Left the Bathroom,Dowse Fiction Hub
What the Heck To Do With a Story That Just Won't Sell (article), Dowse
Mary's Shooting Star, Alternate Realities (Recommended for the Bram Stoker Award!)


  Other Published Stories

My Date with Disaster, The Unknown Writer
Tommy's Way, Storyteller
Dream Home, Writers' Journal
Last Dance, The Ultimate Unknown
My Garden, 69 Flavors of Paranoia
Invisible Friend, Writers' Journal
Torment, Black Petals
The Ice-Cream Caper, Intrinsic Romance
Little Angel (a poem) True Confessions
Night Cry, Seductive Torture
Queen of Silver Clouds, Challenging Destiny
Squiggle, Electric Wine
Peridot Books
Longoids Don't Hang Around Old Folks' Homes Too Often, Lc-39
A Trip To the Movies, Whispers From The Shattered Forum Uncle Landmere's Sword, Glyph
Elvis Has Left the Bathroom, Peridot Books
The Mascot, Futures
Getting Even,, Murderous Intent
Creature Instincts, Black Petals
Do you Like Dead Things? Kovacs Files
The Hunter Futures
The Tub Dark Moon Rising
Shiver Black Satelite

Stories forthcoming

Mary's Shooting Star, Alternate Realities


Covers of magazines I contributed to, and highly recommend for good reading.




Short stories
Read excerpt of The Jacob Theory