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My fantasy novel The Jacob Theory is published by Novel Books, Inc, publishing date May, 2002. The Jacob Theory is a story about two remarkable twins who share the same unusual gift. Though if this 'gift' is considered a hindrance or a blessing, is one of the many questions that is raised in The Jacob Theory. Read the first chapter here.




My horror novel The Curse of the Three-Headed Circus, is a strange tale about Harvey, a young circus owner who meets a three-foot woman who impacts his circus in a way he could never imagine. The Curse of the Three-Headed Circus is published by Double Dragon Publishing Read the first chapter at http://double-dragon-ebooks.com/samples/1-894841-08-5.html

My children's book 'The Old Man and the Toads' will be available soon at Writer's Exchange E-publishing The Old Man and the Toads is a story about a lonely old man who makes the most unusual of friends--the toads in his garden.

Review Excerpts

I was hooked from page one and had a hard time putting the book down. Bonnie Mercure has succeeded in creating a bizarre, creepy atmosphere and a chilling sense of foreboding from beginning till end. The goodness of the protagonist serves as a well-needed contrast to the evil that lurks behind every page. This is not one of those horror stories filled with blood-and-spatter scenes. The horror of it lies in its mood and in the grotesque character of Little Mary, which I will remember for weeks to come. I look forward to reading more books from this talented writer. Review by Mayra Calvani, author of DARK HUNGER from http://www.rfiwest.com/horror.html#DH for eBook Reviews Weekly

This is an interesting tale of magic learned in a faraway jungle and secrets that add to the story when they are revealed. This one is well written and doesnít telegraph anything in advance. Kudos to Bonnie Mercure for a job well done and another name to add to the list of those writers to watch for. reviewed by Barry Hunter, for Baryon Online http://www.baryon-online.com

Filled with suspense and plenty of twists and turns, the characters are outstanding, the settings well-described, and the story line captivating and unique. The ending is entirely satisfying, one of the best I've read in a long time, but getting there will place readers on the edge of their seats. I highly recommend this book and hope to see more from Ms. Mercure in the future. Reviewed by E. L. Noel, award winning author of The Threshing Floor http://www.isp101.com/~mikenoel/index.htm

Julie's strength of character, and her reaction to adversity, reminded me of Bryce Courtenay's 'The Power of One'. The way the two youngsters are affected by abuse is absolutely lifelike. As a psychologist, and the survivor of trauma myself, I have recognized both Julie's resultant fighting spirit and the determination not to be bowed, and Jacob's inner defeat, with the outer signals of that defeat. And, as in real life, the predators zero in on the victim of previous abuse. Reviewed by Dr. Bob Rich http://bobswriting.com/


Works in progress

I am working on a dark fantasy novel titled Twilight Guardians, a story about a young girl and an old woman who share a bizarre connection, which just might save the world from utter destruction.
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