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Writing is a lonely business. For the first two years of writing I more or less created stories in a bubble, with only the occasional handwritten rejection slip a link to the writing life.

Then I found the internet, and a whole new world opened up for me. I met other writers and learned more about my craft. Below are some suggested writing links that have helped me.

Critters Workshop, an online critique group for science fiction, fantasy and horror writers.

Spicy Green Iguana, an extensive market listing for genre writers, plus articles and reviews.

EPIC, organization for epublished authors.

Writers' Digest, a guide to markets, writing tips, and upcoming writing events.

EPPRO, A forum for electronic publishers, authors, editors, marketers, promoters or other professionals working within the e-publishing industry.

Holly Lisle's Vision: A Resource for Writers an excellent website packed full of useful information for speculative fiction writers.

Speculative Fiction Markets, a link to websites of paying markets.

Author Links

Below are some of my favorite personnel websites of various writers. I hope you will enjoy visiting their sites as much as I do.

Rita Toews
The delightful Website of children’s author Rita Toews.

Alex Domokos
Home of the distinguished Hungarian author ALEX Domokos. Read his short stories and excerpts of his novels “Prometheus” and “The Price Of Freedom”

Jeanine Berry
Author of the adventurous young adult novel "The Graveyard Mystery.” Read an excerpt at her site.

Paul Musgrove
The very informative website of Paul Musgrove, a crime and horror novelist of several titles, including “The Mailman” and “The Nailing.”

Carol Kilgore
Home of the talented mystery author Carol Kilgore, winner of the Derringer Award.

Phillip C. Beebe
The excellent website of Phillip C. Beebe, author of "A Stab in the Back” and “Beyond the Edge"

E. L. Noel
The home of novelist E.L Noel, winner of the 2001 Eppie award for her historical novel “The Threshing Floor.” Read an excerpt of ‘The Threshing Floor” or her other profound works.

James Cumes
The interesting bookshelf of James Cumes

S. Joan Popek's Author Page
has a number of excellent resources for writers, and also book information.

Dr Bob Rich
Dr Bob Rich's very entertaining site. Here you will find stories, book extracts and essays by Dr Bob Rich and be able to read reviews of excellent books.


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