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Bonnie Mercure's Guide to E-Publishers
Bonnie Mercure is a writer of dark fiction - visit her website

The e-book offers numerous possibilities for writers and readers. From a readers standpoint, there is the pleasure of reading entertaining and unique novels at inexpensive prices. For writers, there is the freedom to write quality books that perhaps don't quite fit into the print publisher 'niche.' Writers are free to explore in cross-genres and break out of the common molds set by traditional publishers.

Below is a list of non-subsidy electronic publishers. If you are a writer looking for an e-publisher, you can use this list as a starting point. Perhaps the best way to find the right e-publisher for you is to visit the various sites and see what type of books each has to offer. Read sample excerpts or purchase a book. It's also a good idea to review sample contracts carefully, which most e-publishers put up at their sites. Be wary of publishers that ask for money, for any type of service. A reputable publisher will edit your book without charging fees.

Athina Publishing Debuted in Sept. 2000. Publishes all genres, including children's and young adult. Books available on CD ROM or as download.

Antelope Publishing Publishes all genres. No offensive language or sexually explicit material. A family site. Books available on CD ROM
Currently closed to submissions.

Avid Press Publishes mystery, thriller, young adult and romance. Offers print on demand. Is currently closed to submissions.

Awe-struck E-Books Publishes mostly romance, but other genres as well. Software programs. Offering a few titles print on demand.

Bibliobytes One of the first e-publishers online. Publishes a lot of non-fiction, as well as other genres. Offers free books to download.

BookLocker  Publishes non-fiction and fiction, all genres including young adult. Books available for download.

Books OnScreen Publishes fiction available in most formats on CD; all different genres. Titles also available for download.

Boson Books Publishing since 1994. Offers free downloads. Publishes genre fiction, serials, drama and poetry.

Clean Romance Publishes romantic fiction without the graphic language, violence or sex contained in most mainstream novels. Does not edit, but offers a separate editing service.

Clock Tower Books Publishes Speculative e-books.

Cloudy Mountain Books New publisher. Associated with The Fiction Forest.

Crossroads Publishes mainstream, genre, childrens, young adult. Specializes in the unusual. Offers books in download, floppy, and other e-reader formats. Is currently closed to submissions.

Dark Star Publications Publishes speculative fiction. Offers books as downloads, CDs, and recently print on demand.

Denmark Publishing Offers books as downloads or CDs. (Site currently under construction.)

DiskUs Publishing Offers books as downloads. Publishes adventure, childrens, and other genres.

Dixon-Price Publishing Publishes classic narratives and know-how on travel, boating, and self-sufficiency. Offers books as electronic and paperback.

Dlsij Press Publishes fiction and non-fiction by women and for women.

Dreams Unlimited "Romance for the future." Publishes erotic, horror, futuristic, and paranormal on disk or as download.

Ebooks On The Net  Publishes non-fiction and fiction in all genres. Download or on CD.

Eboox An England publisher. New online.

Electric Ebooks Canadian based electronic publisher, publishing adult books, and a new line of children's literature with resources for homeschoolers and teachers.

The Fiction Works Publishes books in paperback, audio and as download.

Hard shell word Factory Accepts all genres. Books available as downloads and on disks.

Lionhearted Publishing Publishes Romance. E-books and paperbacks.

LTDBooks Canadian. Accepts all genres except erotica. Download or diskette.

Mountain View Publishing Specializes in Christian books.

New Concepts Publishing Publishes all genres, including romance, fantasy, mainstream and mystery. Established in 1996.

NiteLinks Publishes genre fiction. E-publisher with their own reading software, Nitelinks Story Reader.

Mightybook Online publishers of children's materials. Publishing in multimedia format with soundtracks, narration and Flash animation. Free samples available on-site.

Online Originals. Accept all kinds of non-fiction including academic works, as well as fiction and drama for both adults and younger readers. Publishes e-books in French and American.

Orpheus Romance Looking for "Greater Love Stories. . . the stories many of you love to write but can't seem to sell in the traditional romance marketplace." Is currently closed to submissions.

Petals Of Life Woman's fiction as download and paperback.

Pulsar Books All genres, available as download, CD, and paperback.

The Reading Edge Books as download. Limited titles.

Renaissance  E Books For readers who enjoy a variety of genres sprinkled with splashes of erotica. Books as downloads.

Street Saint Publications Publishes humor, cookbooks, non-fiction. An e-publisher and small press publisher.

Starlight Writer Publications Publishes romantice suspense. Download versions.

Three Owl Press Quality Fiction, academic and reference works. Books as downloads

VanGoach Books – New publication. Publishes in most ebook formats

Waltsan Publishing Ebooks on CD only. (Takes ALL rights)

Wordbeams Publishes most genres, including young adult and childrens. Has all readable formats.

Word Wrangler Publishing Publishes in most genres, including inspirational, YA and children's. Edits work for a fee.


Brush and Quill Novelist E.L Noel reviews her favorate e-books.

WordWeaving Features articles, columns and e-book reviews.

Running River Reviews e-books

Dowse Ebooks page

The Savvy Click Articles and essays about writing and e-publishing. E-book reviews.

EPW Ground breaking news on the e-publishing buisness.

E-books for kids Reviews children's e-books.

Karen Wiesner's Inkspot Column on published-author contests that allow e-book submissions

The eBook Advisor  EA provides e-authors with information about how to successfully promote, advertise, and publicize their works both online and offline.

Please note that e-publishers are listed on this page for your information only, and inclusion of a link does not constitute an endorsement by us.

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