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Important Notice: Dowse Free Email
to Close.


Due to abuse by a small but persistent number of users, Dowse free email will no longer be available after 29th March, 2003.

This means that all email addresses of the form will no longer function. We regret that this will affect many loyal and legitimate users but feel that given the current level of abuse there is no alternative. Free email at Dowse is powered by so users may still be able to retrieve and copy email after 29th March via, for a short period. In any case we advise users of Dowse free email to make copies of any email they wish to keep as soon as possible, as well as informing their contacts that their dowse address is no longer usable.

If you wish to find a new source of free email we suggest you look for something suitable here:
(This is not an endorsement and we have no connection with this site).

This message supersedes any offer of free email or other relevant matters in the text below. free email accounts free email accounts provide web-based email for individuals and organisations who would like an email address which is associated with the Dowse name and the creative community around it, an address which is also easy to remember, and which is web-based. Web-based email has the advantage that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any computer, so if you are travelling abroad, for example, or wish to access your email from work or a friend's home, then this is possible with web-based email. Typically, Dowse email is used by writers, artists, musicians and others, as well as by those with the surname "Dowse". It is open to everyone to sign up for an account.

Please note that due to recent abuses of the system we are applying even stricter rules to which accounts we will allow to stand and which will be deleted. We expect you to use your own name when opening an account, and your account should only be used for legitimate purposes. Don't waste your time and ours by setting up false or misleading accounts - such accounts are routinely deleted.

Please further note that Dowse email accounts are powered by, and although we at Dowse have the facility to delete suspect accounts or those which break the rules, we do not have further control over users' accounts or their content. Always copy any information or material in your Dowse email account which you want to keep. All enquiries about dowse email accounts should be made to and not to

To sign up for your free email account, please click here. Please read our terms of use below first, and the terms of use at

Terms of use for free email service

In what follows, visitors signing up for an email account will be referred to as "users", and the free email service will be referred to as "the service" or as "dowse email accounts".

In signing up for free email at i.e. the service, the user and/or users agrees to the following:

a) We do not usually allow users to have more than one email account and extra accounts will be deleted. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting more than one account please email us.

b) We do not sanction or allow dowse email accounts to be used for mass mailings (spam) nor for any other anti-social activities. Such accounts will be deleted.

c) User names for email (e.g. may not be used if they may give the impression that the sender of the email is part of the Dowse management or organisation, if this is not the case. Examples of addresses which would not be acceptable under this criterion:, However, would be acceptable.

d) We retain at our sole discretion the right to cancel any dowse email accounts at any time without explanation.

e) As dowse email accounts are powered by, it follows that, its owner, webmaster and contributors cannot be held responsible for loss of or interruptions to the service, these factors being outside the control of

f) and have the right to place advertisments on web pages associated with the service.

g), its owner, its webmaster and its contributors cannot be held responsible for the content of any messages transmitted through the service.

h) The service (e.g. is powered by User of our dowse email accounts agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless, and its owner, webmaster and its contributors or any entity jointly created by them and their respective affiliates against any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages or all expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from the user's use of or participation in the service or the information contained thereon. User should also reference the terms and conditions of

i) Although we at Dowse make an unofficial effort to police the use of dowse email accounts wherever possible, we cannot be held responsible for misuse of such email accounts or addresses and we disclaim all responsibilty for the actions of account users.

j) These terms and conditions should not be regarded as exclusive of other terms and conditions pertaining to the service. We have the right to change the terms and conditions posted here at any time and it is the responsibility of users to check back here in order to inform themselves of updates. Reference should also be made to the terms and conditions of

For general terms and conditions of use please go to: Terms of Use

For dowse contact addresses, privacy policy, aims, sponsorship, contributors, etc. please go to About Dowse

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