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Here you will find an array of short stories from the classic to the contemporary, from writers who've shaped what the short story is today and those who are just starting to make their mark.

As a short story writer, I've learned that perhaps the best way to better your technique as a short fiction writer is to read everything the genre has to offer--from the old to the new, and everything in-between. Or perhaps you've come here for the sheer enjoyment of reading good fiction. Either way, you have come to the right place.

If anyone has a previously published speculative fiction story or mystery story they would like to see published at dowse fiction hub please email me . Likewise if anyone has a classic story they would like to see published here.

Bonnie Mercure .

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Bonnie Mercure , your Fiction Guide at the dowse Fiction Hub, is a dark fantasy author.
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Classic Short Stories

'The Black Cat' by Edgar Allan Poe (Horror)
A beloved pet takes revenge.

'The Judge's House' by Bram Stoker (Dark Suspense)
When a house is not what it appears to be.

'One of the Twins' by Ambrose Bierce (Suspense)
What happens when you can't tell two brothers apart? An untimely death, perhaps?

'The Trial For Murder' by Charles Dickens (Suspense)
This literary master shows us a trial we won't soon forget.

'The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow' by Irving Washington (Horror)
Who is not familiar with this legend? A story that has haunted children for almost two hundred years.

'The Tree' by H.P Lovecraft (Dark Fantasy)
Who else can turn an innocent olive tree into something sinister? No one other than this master of dark fiction, H.P Lovecraft.

'The Lost Ghost' by Mary Wilkins (Horror)
Two women spend an afternoon knitting. . .and re telling a ghastly tale.

'The Greatest Good of the Greatest Number' by Gertrude Atherton (Horror)
One woman's addiction becomes one man's torment.

'The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County' by Mark Twain (Fiction)
A story that made America fall in love with Mark Twain.

'The Bell-Tower' by Herman Melville (Fiction)
A haunting tale from a man ranked as one of the best American authors.

'The Lady or the Tiger' by Frank Stockton (Fantasy)
A semi-barbaric king devises a very unusual method of administering justice.

'The Haunted Author' by Marcus Clarke (Horror)
A writer's worse nightmare comes true.

'For the Blood is the Life' by F. Marion Crawford (Horror)
When a mound of dirt really isn't a mound at all.

'The Shadow and the Flash' by Jack London (Science Fiction))
A destructive rivalry between two brilliant scientists.

'The Three Strangers' by Thomas Hardy (Fiction)
A story from Wessex Tales, where Hardy sought to record the legends, superstitions, local customs, and lore of a Wessex that was rapidly passing out of memory

'Rocking Horse Winner' by DH Lawrence (Fiction)
What is better, to be born with luck or money? One boy raises this question in this classic story.

'The Minister's Black Veil' by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Parable)
What lies beneath the black veil? A story taken from Twice-Told Tales.

'The shadows of the dead' by Louis Becke (Horror)
"IT is bad to speak of the ghosts of the dead when their shadows may be near. . ."

'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe (Poem)
The melancholy prose of the master of the macabre.

'Tobermory' by Saki (Science Fiction/Humor)
What happens when you give animals the power of speech?

'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge' by Ambrose Bierce (Science Fiction)
"A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama, looking down into the swift water twenty feet below. The man's hands were behind his back, the wrists bound with a cord. A rope closely encircled his neck. . ."

'The White People' by Arthur Machen (Dark Fantasy)
"One of the best weird stories ever written ."

Contemporary short stories

'The Shoal' by DF Lewis and Lawrence Dyer (speculative fiction, perhaps)
"...She was not just the business woman burnt out on too many cocktail parties in the city now turned remaindered soft-sell coastal recluse yearning for relief from the rat race at the expense of her standard of living."

'The Rock Hound' by E.L. Noel (Dark Humor)
An old woman's obsession for rocks turns deadly.

'Let the Punishment Fit the Crime' by Dr Bob Rich (Science Fiction)
An award winning story that shows what happens when nature seeks revenge.

'Whose Little Girl' by Rita Y. Toews (Suspense)
"The crabs and gulls found her before the kids did so she wasn't a pretty sight. She was lying face down on the shingle of the beach, the tide sucking greedily at her thighs and legs, inviting her back in for another lethal swim. . ."

'The Good Book' by Darrell Bain (speculative fiction)
A book that has the power to save a man's life. . .or destroy it.

'Death Mask' by Paul Brandis (Horror)
On a hike through a mountain path a man discovers horrors he will never forget.

'In the Fullness of Time' by Michael LaRocca (Science Fiction)
A man travels through time to try and save his brother's life .

'High Stakes' by Jeff Strand (Dark Humor)
A gambler loses more than he bargained for.

'The Angel and the Ice Goddess' by Carol Kilgore (Suspense)
"He went around to the alley, and by the back door found Don Vito Ciccone, or what was left of him. Dead eyes stared at nothing and blood still seeped from several of the bullet holes. . ."

'Dear Mum' by DF Lewis (Dark Science Fiction)
A man lost in space writes a haunting letter.

'A Creative Edge' by Steve Lazarowitz (Dark Science Fiction)
Sometimes, in order for a writer to succeed he needs a little edge. . .but at what price?

'Elvis Has Left the Bathroom' by Bonnie Mercure (Fantasy/Humor)
You will never look at convenience store bathrooms the same again.

'Residual Fumes' by Margaret L. Carter (Horror)
What happens when you can't get rid of a certain smell.

'Shadow Lady' by Paula Blais Gorgas (Fantasy)
A woman sees the unexpected when she gazes into an antique mirror.

'Friendship' by S.Joan Popek (Horror)
A young woman makes the most unique friends. . .deadly spiders.

'Chicken' by Dr Bob Rich (Humor)
Perhaps people are more like chickens than they care to admit .

'Princess Penelope and the Cook' by S. Joan Popek (feghoot)
Feghoot? Find out what that is by reading this fun story then check out S. Joan Popek's article on feghoots .

'The Ground Under Man' by Dan Pearlman (horror/sf)
When a loved one dies, what's wrong with having an old-fashioned burial? Find out in this darkly imaginative tale.

'The Healing Factor' by Rickey R. Mallory (Speculative fiction)
Sometimes, to overcome an addiction you must find help from a most unusual source.

'Jay, the Farmer's Daughter' by Celia Ann Leaman (Mystery)
A haunting tale of love and betrayal.

Special Forces by E.C Apperson (SF)
"Sergeant John Raker stared in horror as the last of his men, Private Rogers, fell into a forest of waist high grass without a sound..."

Those Who Reach by Lazette Gifford (SF)
Leaving the world behind is hard to do, but sometimes it's the only way....

'A Grain of Truth' by E C Apperson (Dark Fantasy)
Says he invented a time machine and has proof. John laughed"


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