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Bonnie Mercure's Guide to Writers' Markets
Bonnie Mercure is a published fiction writer who lives in Wisconsin

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The Kovacs Files
Quarterly. Needs: Horror, Occult, Speculative Fiction, Supernatural, 1,000-3,500 words fiction, up to 1,000 non-fiction.
Pays: $10.00 flat rate fiction, $5.00 non-fiction. Send submission to editor Charles M. Kovacs at kovacs_files@lycos.com

The Martian Wave
Needs: Fantasy, Genre Poetry, Science Fantasy, Science Fiction, no word count.
Pays: $5 for stories and poems
Submission E-Mail: submissions@promartian.com to editor J. Alan Erwine

Mind's Eye Fiction
All genres, short stories and novels. First part of a work published for free reading (if accepted). Reader pays to finish story. Earnings shared with author. Ken Jenks, Editor-in-chief.
E-mail: mindseye@tale.com

Needs: SF/F to 2,500 words. Also needs flash fiction.
Pays $10, $5 for riddles, flash fiction Send submission to jopoppub@jopoppub.com during reading periods. Check website for details.

Mocha Memoirs
Needs: Mainstream, to 1500 words.
Pays $5 for First Electronic Rights. RT: 2-4 weeks
Send manuscript in the body of e-mail only
to hdlail@cyberiansolutions.net
HD Lail, Fiction Editor

Bi-monthly webzine. SF/DF/H/MYS/PyschoThriller. Pays $15 (shorts), $20-30 (novellas & novelettes) for First Internet Rights, up to 10000 (prefers around 5000) words. Looking for thoughtful, imaginative fiction and art. No romance, goth/vampire, Star Wars/Trek stories. E-mail subs only. No sim-subs. Attach as MSWord, WordPerfect, or ASCII files (indicate italics, underlines, etc.. Include story completion date. Kevin McPherson, Editor.
E-mail: dechaune@ns.sympatico.ca

Needs: SF/F/H, no depressing stories. Publishes novellas. Pays: $20.00 per first-run short story, $10 for reprints Send submission to editor Kenneth Newquist fiction@nuketown.com

The Orphic Chronicle
Quarterly webzine. SF/F/H/Occult/Surreal/Experimental. No word limits. No vampires, no fan fiction, no typical serial killers. E-mail subs in email body. Reply Time: 4-6 weeks. S. Kay Elmore, editor, P.O. Box 171202, Arlington, TX 76003-1202E-mail: editor@orphic-chronicle.com

Outside: Speculative and Dark Imaginative Fiction
Needs: Science Fiction, Horror, and darkly imaginative fiction of
1500-4000 words
Pays $.03 per word upon acceptance. RT 6 weeks.
Email worlock@san.rr.com (Query only; No Email subs.)
Send complete manuscript to
John Cullen, Brian Callahan, Editors
6549 Mission Gorge Road, Box 260
San Diego, CA92120

Peridot Books
Quarterly webzine. SF/F/H. Pays $.005 a word ($.0025 after 8,000) for First World Rights or World Reprint Rights, no word limit (prefers under 5000). Two month reading period for each issue. E-mail subs only, in email body or attached in ASCII or .rtf format. Reprints & sim-subs OK, if informed. Reply Time: 3 weeks+. Ty Drago, Editor
E-mail: postmaster@peridotbooks.com

Needs: Mainstream fiction. Wants good imagery in story. Themes and
deadlines on site.
Pays: $10-$50 for one time rights.
Submit sub at website.
Jen Bergmark, Fiction Editor jen@pifmagazine.com

Planet Relish
Needs: Humorous Science Fiction and Fantasy to 5280 words. Story must make editor laugh.
Pays: $5 per story
Send submission to editor Mark Rapacioli at editor@planetrelish.com

Pulp Eternity Online
Needs SF, Fantasy, Horror, to 3000 words. Likes stories with a strong sense of place.
Pays $.05 a word. RT 30 days.
Send Email subs to pulpeternity@hotmail.com. in the
body of email only.
Or send complete manuscript to
Steve Algieri, Editor
Pulp Eternity Online, PO Box 930068,
Norcross, GA 30003.

Rogue Worlds
Needs: Vampire, Fantasy, Science Fiction, 1,000 to 10,000 words
Pays: $5 for stories less than 5,000 words, $10 between 5-10,000 words
Send submission to editor Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr. at specficworld@hotmail.com Check website for reading periods.

Spaceways Weekly
Weekly webzine. SF/F. Buys over 50 freelance articles/year. Pays 1¢/word (Canadian) for First World Electronic Rights, up to 5000 words. E-mail subs OK. Sim-subs & reprints OK, if informed. Encourages new writers. GL for SASE. Reply Time: up to 3 weeks. Rigel D. Chiokis, Editor, c/o London Application Solutions Inc., 148 York Street, London, Ontario N6A 1A9E-mail: spaceways@mirror.org (ON HIATUS)

Strange Horizons
Needs: Speculative fiction, all genres.
Pays: 4 cents/word, Articles - $25/piece, Reviews - $20/piece Send submission to proper editor at fiction@strangehorizons.com in body of the email.

3 A.M. Publishing
Quarterly webzine. Pays 50/50 profit share to stories that attract high traffic. 2000-20000 words. Looking for fiction geared towards Generation X. No sex or strong violence. No elves, wizards, goblins, vampires. Send mss. & disk (MSWord format) for snailmail subs. Query for e-mail subs. Reply Time: 30 days. Kenny Wilson, Editor; 3 A.M. Publishing, PMB #118, 218 Main Street, Kirkland, WA 98033 USA; tel: (206) 610-7341
E-mail (query first for e-mail subs): editor@3ampublishing.com

The Tales' Realm
Needs: SF/Fantasy, 1000-10000 words. Query for longer. No porn, child abuse or graphic torture. Encourages new writers.
Pays $.0025 a word, $.001 for reprints, for First North American Serial Rights.
Send sub to Dengar@prodigy.net in body of E-mail
or as an attachment.

Twilight Showcase
Monthly webzine. Horror. Pays $.005 a word for 1 month's First Universal Web Rights. To 3000 words. No pornography, child abuse or child endangerment. E-subs only, in email body or attached as RTF, or MSWord (Vers. 6 or higher). Subject line: "Submission - 'story title' ". Reprints if informed & multi-subs OK. No sim-subs. Reply Time: 10-20 days. Gary W. Conner, Editor /Publisher.
E-mail (queries): gconn@rica.net
E-subs/GLs: strangeconcepts@rica.net

Vestal Review
Needs: All genres to 500 words. Pays: 3-10 cents/word Submissions to editor Mark Budman at editor@stny.rr.com

The Worlds of Fantasy
Monthly webzine. SF/F/H. Pays $10 for One-time First Worldwide Electronic Rights. 1000-12000 words. Posts 1 new story per month. See themes & reading periods. No Fan Fiction. No porn. No profanity. No child abuse stories. No gore. Monthly themes - see website. E-mail subs only, in email body only, subject line: "Featured Fiction." Covering note optional. Denote italics ***so***. No reprints. Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr., Editor.
Themes and reading periods - see website.
E-mail: twof-2@webtv.net

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Entries should be regarded as a guide only, and accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Writers are advised to consult the submission instructions at the website of an e-zine before submitting.

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