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Bonnie Mercure's Guide to Writers' Markets
Bonnie Mercure is a published fiction writer who lives in Wisconsin

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Indigenous Fiction

Tri-yearly. Needs: literary; F, DF, SF, H, SL, MYS, Mainstream, 1000-8000 words. (prefers 2000-4500) No child/animal abuse, or gratuitous sex. Reprints very rarely used. Pays: $10-$20 & 1 copy for First or One-time (for reprints) Rights. $5 or copy for under 1000 words. RT: 2 weeks. Email deckr@earthlink.net (Query only) Send complete manuscript to: Sherry Decker, Managing Editor; PO Box 2078, Redmond WA 98073-2078 Magazine Currently on hold, not open to submissions


Needs: Science Fiction, Fantasy, 2,000 to 8,000 words. Looking for innovative, entertaining, well-written and up-to-date science fiction and fantasy. Pays: Pays £30 per 1,000 words. Send complete manuscript to: David Pringle, Editor, 217 Preston Drive, Brighton, BN1 6F1 UK


Biannual. Needs: Science Fiction, to 20,000 words. Looking for character driven stories. Pays: 1-2 cents per word for FNASR Send complete manuscript to: Matthew Walls, Editor, PO Box 9307, Baltimore, MD 21228

The Leading Edge

Semi-annual. Needs: Classic SF/F, to 12,000 words. Each story is critiqued by two to four members of staff. No simsubs, reprints, sex, profanity, excessive violence. Pays 1¢/word (min. $10.00, max. $100.00) + 2 copies for FNASR. RT: 2-6 months.
Email tle@byu.edu (Query only)
Send complete manuscript to: Loralee Leavitt, Editor; 3163 JKHB, Provo, UT 84602

Leviathan 3

Anthology from World Fantasy Award finalist, Ministry of Whimsy Press. Original fiction anthology series LEVIATHAN was British Fantasy Award-finalist. Reading for LEVIATHAN 3 from September 1st to October 31st, 2001. Editors: Jeff VanderMeer and Forrest Aguirre. Submissions 3,000 to 10,000 words. No reprints. Maximum payment: $100 plus royalties. "LEVIATHAN 3 is an unthemed anthology--any fantastical literature in the magic realism, surrealism, "slipstream" category is welcome. Please do not send ANY stories that feature such traditional tropes as vampires, werewolves, zombies, or faeries. Monkeys, small children, and anthropomorphic cleaning products are also not welcome. No multiple submissions, please." Submit to co-editor Forrest Aguirre via email at chromatic30@hotmail.com in RTF or Word .doc format. Or via snail mail to: Forrest Aguirre, 4905 Ascot Lane #3, Madison, WI 53711. Stories submitted via snail mail without adequate SASE will be disposed of unread. Submissions to the Ministry's Tallahassee address will not be read. Sample copy: send check or money order made out to Forrest Aguirre for $10.00 postpaid.

Lore: The Digest of Maddening Fiction

Bi-annual. Needs: Dark F/H, to 5000 words. (Query if longer.) No vampiric, gothic romances, gore or sex-driven tales, virtual reality, sing-song rhymes. Pays 2¢/word & copy for 1st World Serial Rights (¼¢/word for reprints). Email loredigest@earthlink.net (Query only)
Send complete manuscript to: Rod Heather, Managing Editor; Joe Martucci, Ricardo Santagata, Associate Editors;Sean OLeary, Assoc. Ed./Graphic Designer; P.O. Box 38, Matawan, NJ 07747-0381


Quarterly. Needs: SF/F/H, to 5000 words. (query if longer.) Looking for character-driven stories with amosphere. No erotic fiction. No reprints. Pays $20 & 1 copy for One-Time Rights. RT 4 weeks. maelstrom_sf@bigfoot.com (Query only)
Send complete manuscript to: Dave Felts, editor; 3645 Chatham Dr., Palm Harbor, FL 34684 Will respond to foreign subs via e-mail.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Needs: SF & Fantasy, to 25,000 words. Needs more SF, humor. Pays: 5-8 cents per word on acceptance for first North American and foreign serial rights and an option on anthology rights. Send complete manuscript to: Gordon Van Gelder, Editor, PO Box 1806, New York NY 10159

Millennium SF & F

Monthly webzine & quarterly print ("Best of..."); Needs: SF/F/H, to 2500 words. Likes twist endings. Closed from 1 Nov - 31 Jan. Pays 1¢/word (to a max of $20), or $5 for Short-shorts (under 1000 words) for One-time World Rights for on-line version & simultaneous hard copy (if applicable) with option of including the work in quarterly "Best of Millennium Anthology" E-mail subs OK from the 1-15 of each month (Subject line: "Story Submission"), attached as Rich Text, or MSWord.
Snailmail subs should include a mss & diskette (formatted same as e-mail). Send to: Diana R. Moreland, Senior Editor; S. Joan Popek, Poetry & Review editor; JoPoP Publications, P.O. Box 8118, Roswell, NM 88202-8118

Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine

Quarterly. Needs: Mystery, to 5000 words. (prefers 2000-4000) Likes humorous mysteries.No true crime. No gratuitous or explicit sex, violence, or language. No cannibal stories. Pays $10 + 2 copies for FNASR. Query first with title and word count(do not send entire story) to madison@teleport.com
Margo Power, Editor


Stories should be unpublished in any medium and be between 750 and 3500 words. "The issue in which the story is published will not include the author's by-line. ... It is envisaged that the directly subsequent issue will give the full by-lines of the previous issue's contents." Submissions by email to Nemonymity@excite.com or Nemonymous@hotmail.com - in the body of the email no attachments. Reading for second issue: 1 December 2001 to February 28th 2002. Query first (during that period) before sending story. Pays 25 per story of any length between 750 and 3500 words. Full guidelines and ordering details at http://www.redsine.com/padgettweggs/nemonymous/
#1 due November. Also offers 5 for a story -- published in any print magazine or print book elsewhere -- specifically mentioning the words 'Nemonymous magazine' in plot.

New Genre

Biannual (spring & winter, probably). Needs: SF/DF/H/SL, to 14000 words. Publishes novel excerpts. No reprints. Pays 1 cent per word + 2 copies (will sell 5 more copies at cost) for FNASR. RT: 4 weeks. E-mail (No subs): agolaski@ngenre.com(Query only) Issue two will be made available soon for $8.50. Send complete manuscript to Jeff Paris, SF Editor; Adam Golaski, Horror Editor, 25 Cutter Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144.


Quarterly. Needs: SF/F/Psychological Horror (experimental only,no blood & gore), to 6000 words. Likes Humour &Satire, well-plotted stories with believeable characters. Pays one copy for first 1000 words, £3/1000 words after, for First English Language Serial Rights.
E-mail: Lesleymiln@aol.com (Query only)
Send disposable hard copy only with small SAE and 2 IRCs to Lesley Milner, Literary Editor, Noesis Science Fiction Magazine, 61, Pengarth Rise, Falmouth, Cornwall, U.K., TR11 2RR

On Spec

Quarterly. Needs: SF/F/H/SL, up to 6000 words. Strong preference given to submissions by Canadians. DEADLINES for regular issues: 28 Feb, 31 May, 31 Aug, 30 Nov (of each year). Theme Issue Deadline: 30 Aug 00, theme is "World Beat." Pays (Canadian) under 1000: $50 & 1 copy, under 3000: $100, under 5000: $150, under 6000: $180 -- all with 2 copies, for FNASR. RT: 12 weeks.
E-mail: onspec@earthling.net (Query only)
Send complete manuscript to (one of): Jena Snyder, General Editor; Barry Hammond, Susan MacGregor, Derryl Murphy, Hazel Sangster, Jena Snyder, Diane L. Walton, and Peter Watts, Fiction Editors; Box 4727, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5G6


Three times year. Needs: SF/F/H, 3500-7500 words. Looking for good quality science fiction and fantasy stories. No stream of consciousness. Negotiates pay for First Rights (1 year exclusive) & Reprint Rights (for inclusion in anthology with additional payment). RT: long Do not submit complete manuscript - query first. Queries should be well-thought out & provide a synopsis of what the story is about, as well as techniques used.
E-mail queries accepted.editorial@parsec.on.ca
Or send query to: Chris Krejlgaard, Managing Editor; c/o Plaza 69 Post Office, 1935 Paris St., P.O. Box 21019, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 6G6

Peeping Tom

Quarterly. Twice winner of the British Fantasy Award. Needs: H/DF/F/Humour/SF, 100-3500 words. Looking for stories with strong characters where the story line evolves naturally out of the characters and the situations they find themselves in. Pays around £2.50 per 1000 words (under ½¢/word) for First British Serial Rights. RT: 6-13 weeks. Prefers snail-mail subs, but will accept e-mail subs (pasted in body of email -- 1 at a time) from non-UK authors. Stuart@peepingtom.freeserve.co.uk
Or send complete manuscript to: David Bell, Editor; Yew Tree House, 15 Nottingham Road, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1DJ, England.


Quarterly. Needs: All types of genres & literary, up to 5000 words. Looking for originality and quality.Pays CND$20 per printed page & 1 year subscription (pay extra CND$10/page for electronic rights if selected) for FNASR.up to 5000 words (longer if outstanding). RT: 3-4 months. E-mail subs OK, in email body or as a MIME compliant ASCII or any PC word processor attachment. send to prism@interchange.ubc.ca
Subject line: Submission. Include bio and address.
Or send complete manuscript to: Jennica Harper and Kiera Miller, Editors; PRISM International, Creative Writing Program, University of British Columbia, Buch E 462 - 1866 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada. V6T 1Z1; tel: 604/822-2514, fax: 604/822-3616


Quarterly. Needs: Mainstream, 2,000 to 3,000 words.Pays: varies from $100-$300 Canadian plus 1 year sub Send complete manuscript to: Boris Castel, Editor, Queen's University, Kingston ON K7L 3N6

Something Wicked

Tri-yearly. Needs: Horror, to 3000 words. Looking for dark, twisted, suspenseful stories with supernatural elements. Yearly Reading Period: 1 May-31 Oct Pays $20 and 1 copy for FNASR. RT: 3-8 weeks.
Email BelindaFox@aol.com or: FantazWrit@aol.com (Query only)
Send complete manuscript to: Sandra DeLuca, Editor; Goddess of the Bay Publications, PO Box 8214, Warwick, RI 02888

Space and Time

Bi-annual. Needs: Hard SF, Supernatural H, Sword & Sorcery, to 10000 words. Pays 1¢/word ($5.00 minimum) plus 2 copies & a 40% discount for additional copies for FNASR & non-exclusive option on subsidiary rights.
Email: oddist55@aol.com (Query only)
Send complete manuscript to: Gerard Houarner, Editor, 138 West 70 th Street, 4B, NY, NY 10023-4468

The Third Alternative

Quarterly. Needs: Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Cutting edge genres. Send complete manuscript to: Andy Cox, Editor, TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, United Kingdom

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Entries should be regarded as a guide only, and accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Writers are advised to consult the submission instructions at the website of a magazine and/or to study a sample copy before submitting.

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