Free Ebook Contest  
hosted by E.L Noel and Bonnie Mercure.

The results of our ebook contest are in. The winners, drawn randomly, are:

1.Dorice Nelson
2.Holly Catanzarita
3.Cate Sutherland

What is your favorite genre?

20% said fantasy.
18% said romance
15% said science fiction
12% said horror
10% said mystery
9% said thriller
9% said historical
4% said mainstream
3% said other

How many ebooks have you purchased in the past year?

40% said none.
38% said 1-10.
19% said 10-20
3% said over 20.

What do you prefer reading, ebooks or print books?

54% said print.
33% said they equally enjoy print books and ebooks.
13% said ebooks.

When shopping for books online, what is the one quality that most affects your decision to buy?

55% said an excerpt of the book.
19% said they have read the author's previous work.
11% said reviews.
9% said the cover art.
6% said they don't purchase books online.

The Curse of the Three-Headed Circus by Bonnie Mercure is a strange tale about Harvey, a young circus owner who meets a three-foot woman who impacts his circus in a way he could never imagine. The Curse of the Three-Headed Circus is published by Double Dragon Publishing Read the first chapter at

"...This is an interesting tale of magic learned in a faraway jungle and secrets that add to the story when they are revealed. This one is well written and doesn’t telegraph anything in advance. Kudos to Bonnie Mercure for a job well done and another name to add to the list of those writers to watch for." reviewed by Barry Hunter, for Baryon Online

"...The story starts odd but not at all frightening: a small traveling circus, and three-foot-high Little Mary who runs away with them to escape a terribly abusive home life. But there are hints that things are not what they seem. Harvey, the narrator, is a fine young man with a deformity (three extra fingers on one hand) that has been turned into an advantage. He, and the other performers, soon become real people in the hand of this skilled writer, and you will enjoy their interactions, adventures and calamities as they try to cope with all the odd happenings Little Mary brings with her. The hints multiply: these are not just ordinary issues, but there is something dark and immensely powerful behind all the troubles besetting the circus. Who is the man with the bag of tricks? And can any mortal power defeat him? I think this book will be enjoyed by anyone with a liking for horror, a bent towards the supernatural..." Reviewed by Dr. Bob Rich


The Threshing Floor by E.L Noel is a 2001 EPPIE winner and was nominated for the Inscriptions Engraver Award. The Threshing Floor is a fast-paced medieval tale, set during the Crusades. A rich, complex story about a brave knight, Greybold, whose vow to serve God leads him to fight a battle he may never win, where he is confronted by trearchery and betrayal. The Threshing Floor is published by The Fiction Works. Read the first chapter at

"..."Noel's attention to medieval historical detail is superlative. The reader is thrust into the violence of the Crusades, to the point where one feels you need only reach out to grasp a handful of desert sand. Writing style and technique are sophisticated, powerful, and, at times poetic. Characters are vividly drawn, pacing is tight and tense. Noel creates suspense locking the reader into a tight grip. Release is only achieved at the novel's highly satisfying close. This is a spectacular read. Truly five-star material. " Reviewed by J.L. Abbott for

"The Threshing Floor is a novel in the tradition of Sir Walter Scott and Charles Reade, full of action and deeds both noble and dastardly. It is a story of a man who is thrust into a seemingly hopeless situation and yet who emerges from it wiser for the pain he has suffered. To read it is to be taken back over the centuries to a time when religious fanaticism and political machinations combined to create an era of legends. " Reviewed by Elizabeth K. Burton, The Blue Iris Journal.




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